Floor Stations - Branding Station

Floor Stations - Branding Station

Some brands may require additional items to be attached to the printed product such as swing tags or neck labels.

this can be achieved by utilizing the 'Brand Station' from the 'Floor' menu.

When using the 'QC Station' once the item is marked as 'QC Passed' if branding is required you will be advised to proceed to branding.

When the barcode is scanned in the 'Brand Station' it will display an image of the product and all the branding information will show the brand name and location along with a thumbnail of the branding item that needs to be added to the product.


Any product that has a branding set on them utilizes the optional branding scan point the branding must be set up on an attribute set.
How to create attribute sets?

The branding attribute set then can be added to one or more products in CPP in the  ‘Ecommerce & data’ section and under the ‘Info’ tab.

Branding is set on the virtual level only so is not based on variant options (size/colour).

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