Settings: Fonts

Settings: Fonts

What are Fonts?

This section of the platform is for managing and adding fonts which can be used on products within the Catalog module.

A list of publicly available Google fonts for use with 2D and 3D Products can be on Platform in the Text Area > Formatting rollout. The system currently houses over 400 Google Fonts for Public use.

Adding Fonts
If the font you require is not listed on the platform, we can add fonts as per your requirements. Users of the platform cannot currently import their own fonts, this has to be done by Gateway staff. 
For technical compatibility information and FAQ's click here  Fonts | Troubleshooting and Compatibility
There are two options available for font imports:
  1. Google Fonts
  2. TTF / OTF Fonts
Simply supply Kornit X with the files, along with the name of your Company as set on Platform, and we can attribute the font against your user account.
It is the user's responsibility to ensure that all necessary permissions and usage rights are adhered to as per the font licensing agreement. It is also the user's responsibility to test any fonts that they have installed for both production purposes and cross browser / platform suitability. 
We highly recommend that you actively cross browser / platform test the font to ensure no compatibility or order related issues.

Still Need Help?
You can access our extensive knowledge base or raise a ticket with our technical support teams using the buttons below

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