Fulfiller Integrations | HP Site Flow (Oneflow)

Fulfiller Integrations | HP Site Flow (Oneflow)

HP Site Flow (Oneflow) Supplier Integration Help
Kornit X has the ability to send orders into a HP Site Flow account and subsequently receive status updates for those orders.
Please note that OneFlow was bought by HP in 2019 and has since updated its name to HP Site Flow in some regions.  Due to this change this article has been updated to include the new name. 
To contact HP Site Flow about working with them please contact them here with the "Contact Us" button - Link

When setting up the HP SIte Flow integration you need to set your "API Key", "API Secret" and "Destination Account" all of which will be provided by HP Site Flow before you set up this integration with us,

Another important option to set with this integration is the Component Code Method which is a dropdown that should be set to control the component code field set in the data sent to HP Site Flow. The options are detailed in the below table to know the differences between them and which one should be set for your integration. 
Component Code Name
Use Ecommerce Manufacturer Code
This code will be taken from the manufacturers_code field on the ecommerce settings of the product associated with the order item. This gives the ability for each product to have its own component code set. 
User Override
This option allows a Component Code to be defined throughout the integration so all orders for this integration will use the same code. The Component Code will be taken from the override_component_code field on the integrations settings set here.
Use Each Print Area Name
Component Code will be taken from the name field on each of the print areas of the product associated with the order item. This will also cause the integration to send a component for each print area as opposed to a single component. For this to work you must set up the print area’s names field with the component code. If you have some products which require multiple component codes and some that do not you will need to use the Print area name set up and set all print area names on the products to have the correct component code for the product/print area.

Callback URLs
Orders should be updated using the "Fulfiller" API key and company ref.
From within the HP Site Flow system, callback URLs can be set for various events.

The structure of the callback URL should be as follows:


Where COMPANYREFID and APIKEY are substituted for their respective values.

HP Site Flow also needs to be told what data to include within the callback. The following templates should be used:

Option Name
Order Errored


"TimeStamp": "{{timestamp}}",

"SourceOrderId": "{{data.orderData.sourceOrderId}}",

"OrderStatus": "error"


Order Shipped

"TimeStamp": "{{timestamp}}",

"SourceOrderId": "{{data.sourceOrderId}}",

"SourceShipmentId": "{{shipmentId}}",

"ShipmentIndex": "{{data.shipmentIndex}}",

"TrackingNumber": "{{data.trackingNumber}}",

"OrderStatus": "shipped"

Order Cancelled

"TimeStamp": "{{timestamp}}",

"SourceOrderId": "{{data.orderData.sourceOrderId}}",

"OrderStatus": "cancelled"

Order Received

"TimeStamp": "{{timestamp}}",

"SourceOrderId": "{{data.orderData.sourceOrderId}}",

"OrderStatus": "received"

For more details such as available features of this integration please refer to this more detailed article we have written - Click Here

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